MaineStage ShakeSTARS!

ShakeStars 2017

To enroll, visit the Kennebunk Recreation website.

Playgroundlings –Entering grades K-6
Kidsummer –Entering grades 6-12
ShakeSTARS Advanced Intensive – Returning ShakeSTARS entering grades 10 to college freshman

Monday through Friday 10am-2pm with Saturday afternoon (2pm) performance
Session 1: July 17 to July 22
Session 2: July 24 to July 29
Session 3: July 31 to August 5
Session 4: August 7 to August 12

Cost: $185 per session*

Instructors: All classes are taught by experienced and professional teaching artists in the MaineStage acting company

Experience all aspects of the magic of theatre! Each week, ShakeSTARS will collaborate with MaineStage actors to write and perform a world premiere Shakespearean play that will be performed on Saturday afternoon. During the week, Playgroundlings will take classes in acting, Shakespeare, stage combat, improv, and more! Min: 5 Max: 40

Take the stage in Shakespeare’s most famous plays in our most ambitious program yet. Each week, get the chance to perform in a complete (abridged) version of a Shakespearean classic, on the MaineStage in Lafayette Park on Saturday afternoon! In addition to performing, ShakeSTARS take classes in stage combat, playwriting, Shakespeare, voice, and more, all taught by the MaineStage acting company. Min: 5, Max 40.

ShakeSTARS Advanced Intensive *New this year!*

For our veteran ShakeSTARS who are considering continuing with their acting training after high school and other students who want to build on their significant high school theater experience, we are thrilled to offer this intensive two-week program (Session 1 & 2 only). Specially designed for returning ShakeSTARS entering 10th grade through freshman year in college, this program will provide an introduction to college-level conservatory training. The course includes one-on-one training, audition prep, personalized monologue coaching, and specially designed courses and workshops exclusively for our advanced crew. Min: 4, Max: 10.

Note: All programs are subject to change depending on enrollment. ShakeSTARS are encouraged to sign up for either one week or multiple weeks – each week is both designed to stand alone and to remain enriching week to week with new content – there is always something new to learn on the MaineStage!

*We provide financial aid on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please contact us.

Playgroundlings Class


The Mainestage Shakespeare actors and actresses are some of the most creative, funny, and passionate people you will ever meet. First of all, their summer camp is absolutely amazing. While there I can get punched in the face and get my hair ripped out without it hurting one little bit (stage combat). I can attempt to juggle scarves and watch them land on the ground behind me without getting laughed at. I can co-write a nonsensical rap about Macbeth and hear it acted out by the Mainestage actors, with as much importance and spirit as they would act out a Shakespeare play. I can play famous people in famous plays without feeling like I have no idea what’s going on, and learn about these famous people in a much more exciting way than I would in some boring history lesson at school. I’m sure everyone who has experienced being a ShakeSTAR with Mainestage Shakespeare will agree with me on all these things.” – Lily, grade 9

“I never liked summer camp, the week would drag on without anything fun happening. Then one day I went to the library with my dad in late August and the librarian at the time, knowing I liked Shakespeare, handed me a newspaper advertising for free Shakespeare in Lafayette park. That Thursday I went and watched As You Like It. It was the best show I’d seen and it made me laugh. While we were leaving, [one of the actors] came up to us and said if we enjoyed the show they had one week of summer camp left. My dad promptly signed me up and that next week I arrived at a Mainestage Shakespeare. There I met people I would continue to see for the continuing years I went there and I can’t image my summer without it.” — Sam, grade 8

“MaineStage Shakespeare for me is one of the only places I wanna be, it’s were I met the most amazing people, and were I found my acting talent, and honestly if my brother didn’t find Shakespeare I wouldn’t be who I am today… If I had to choose my favorite part of Shakespeare is….EVERYTHING! It’s a great place to be where I feel accepted and I just feel like I belong. Learning about Shakespeare has helped me a lot whether it grew my confidence or I learned how to “fight” or the creative writing in school!” – Lizzy, grade 6