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All the world’s a Mainestage

and all the men and women merely Maine-ers.


As You Like It Act II Sc. vii

The melancholy Jaques (Aidan Eastwood-Pattichio) waxes philosophical on how ‘All the world’s a stage…’ to the Forest Lords (Joseph Bromfield and David Mavricos).

This famed opening to the Seven Ages of Man speech is less pun-tastic in the first folio, but it seems an fitting place to start this first MaineStage blog entry.

Anyone who has visited Maine knows that there are two types of people in the mind of a Mainer–people from Maine, or people from Away. I guess that goes with the territory of having the state nickname of VACATIONLAND. Despite the fact that the entire company is from Away (mostly New York and Boston), the Kennebunks (Kennebunk and Kennebunkport) have been so hospitable that I’ve been feeling more and more Mainely every day.

The MaineStage company on a quick afternoon break from Othello fight choreographing.

In the midst of opening As You Like It and  Othello, rehearsing Love’s Labours Lost, and preparing for the arrival of our summer Shakestars, it’s amazing how much the Kennebunk community has come together to support and celebrate this blossoming young company.  Families like the Millers have turned their backyard into an impromptu scene shop. Local businesses like Bel Cibo Da Cherie and Perfecto’s Cafe have donated baked goods to concessions, and other small businesses have even rewarded the fruits of our labors with the fruits of their own.  After a performance of As You Like It this past weekend, we met the owners of Dory Dogs: Trish and Eric–who generously donated a free breakfast/lunch to each of the company members at their Saturday morning Farmers’ Market creperie and French hot dog-erie. It is a wonder to behold the spiral of positivity surrounding the basic idea of free Shakespeare in Lafayette Park this summer. Both a wonder to behold and a testament to the quality of MaineStage’s work.

Watch out for future entries highlighting the amazing MaineStage company members, sharing small anecdotes from the park, and celebrating a summer of free Shakespeare in what the New York Times calls ‘idyllic environs.’

‘Idyllic Environs’ indeed.

Until next time, check out some local media coverage from opening weekend  in the Kennebunk Post, and stop on by Lafayette Park this weekend!